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What to Eat This Week

52 Weeks of Healthy Weekly Meal Plans

In this yearlong series from The Paleo Diet, What to Eat This Week, nutritionist Aimee McNew offers a full year of healthy weekly meal plans. Yes, that’s 52 weeks of healthy meal ideas including creative breakfast recipes, fast and easy lunch ideas, and satisfying dinner recipes for you, for two, or for your whole family. McNew pairs meals with delicious functional beverages and craving-busting desserts. Explore What to Eat This Week, which is sorted by month using seasonal flavors and sourcing in-season fruits and vegetables to maximize nutrition and minimize cost. All recipes from The Paleo Diet meet our science team’s research-based criteria for health and are categorized as TRUEPALEO and PaleoFLEX criteria for your reference.

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Diversify Your Meals

Welcome! I’m Aimee McNew, a nutritionist and meal planner, here to help you create a practical weekly menu of delicious Paleo foods. Going Paleo doesn’t have to feel confusing, and it certainly doesn’t have to mean eating the same things over and over again. I’m here to help make grocery shopping and cooking easier with these weekly meal plans.

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