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Compare The Paleo Diet to Other Diets

The Paleo Diet® is meant to be a lifestyle, not just a fad. While other diets may come and go, Paleo is here to stay. See how we compare to other popular diets or how you can incorporate a Paleo lifestyle into other ways of eating.

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The Mediterranean diet is a good starting point on your way to making healthier dietary changes for life, but it still includes non-Paleo food groups that are full of antinutrients.

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The Paleo Diet is lower in carbohydrates than the typical Western diet because of the food groups that are avoided, but how does it compare to other low-carb eating styles like keto, South Beach, or a low-carb plan for athletic performance? 

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DASH is an accessible diet for many who want to improve hypertension and other cardiovascular disease symptoms. Learn how it compares to the heart-healthy benefits of The Paleo Diet. 

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Many may consider Paleo synonymous with a carnivore diet because of misconceptions about what it means to eat like our ancestors—but we actually consume less meat in volume than fruits and vegetables.

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It’s possible to be vegan or vegetarian while still on The Paleo Diet, but it’s harder to get certain nutrients and essential amino acids from plants alone.

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Whole 30 breakfast


Think of Whole 30 as a shorter, stricter version of The Paleo Diet. It was designed as a short-term reset to follow for one month, sometimes to help identify food sensitivities. 

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Intermittent Fasting

Our Paleolithic ancestors likely went through periods of fasting, and we can duplicate this natural state of ketosis through intermittent fasting. The benefits are numerous, but what you eat between periods of fasting is critical. 

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