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summer vegetables at a farmer's market make good starting ingredients for easy healthy Paleo recipes


Paleo Recipes from The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet offers a wide selection of healthy Paleo recipes including Paleo breakfasts, easy lunch ideas like Paleo salads, hearty and healthy dinners, low-carb desserts, functional beverages, and satisfying low-sodium snacks. All our recipes have been carefully reviewed by our science team and certified Paleo to two science-based standards, so you know they are healthy.

Explore our Paleo recipe catalog à la carte or take a look at our free guides; 7-Day Paleo Meal Plan and 28-Day Paleo Reset.

Need more inspiration? Check out a full year of daily Paleo recipes and meals plans in our series, What to Eat This Week from nutritionist Aimee McNew.

Explore Paleo Recipes

coconut banana pancakes
Creative Breakfasts
vegan buddha bowl
Easy and Fast Lunches
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A cooked dish of chicken, artichoke hearts, and lemon slices in an iron skillet.
Savory Dinners

Paleo Summer Recipes

Summertime is here! Discover some Paleo snacks to beat the heat, or try one of our light summer salads for a refreshing lunch. With produce at its peak, seize the opportunity to cook up something delicious!

Favorite Paleo Autoimmune Recipes

Food is medicine. When you eat the right healing foods, and avoid the ones that can trigger a flare, you may find surprising relief from symptoms. Here are some AIP-friendly recipes to set you on your path towards recovery. 

Autoimmune Recipes
Immunity cubes on counter and dissolved in two glasses of water

Favorite Paleo Recipes for Athletes

Food is energy. Fuel up, work hard, and recover fast with these recipes designed for an active lifestyle. 

Athlete Recipes

Easy, Healthy, Satisfying Paleo Snacks

easy baked kale chips
Easy Baked Kale Chips
zucchini fritters
Zucchini Fritters
Pico De Gallo
Pico De Gallo
lemon rosemary beet chips
Lemon Rosemary Beet Chips
chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
air fryer spiced apple
Air-Fryer Spiced Apple Chips

Paleo Cookbooks

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