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Why Paleo?

The Natural Human Diet

Why try The Paleo Diet? 

Really, it’s simple: our bodies thrive on the foods we evolved to eat. The Paleo Diet is a flexible, science-based approach to eating these optimal foods.

That doesn’t mean you can’t eat cheese puffs or all the other modern foods. But it does mean choosing those foods comes with tradeoffs. Some more than others.

By knowing more about how food affects your body, you can make the choices that are right for you. And help you pursue life to its fullest.

Why Try Paleo?
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Feel Vibrant

Clear skin, better sleep, mental clarity. As you start following the principles of The Paleo Diet, these are some of the first things you’ll notice. Every one of these very welcome improvements comes naturally. And easily. You can prove it to yourself in a surprisingly short time.

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Improve Health

Food can be medicine. But these days, a lot of foods are definitely not. The Paleo Diet limits harmful antinutrients and replaces them with nutrient dense foods. The result: reduced inflammation, strengthened immunity, and improvement for diseases like Type-2 Diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

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Enhance Performance

Choosing Paleo-friendly foods, even when you’re not adhering to the letter, does three big things: enhances energy, increases endurance, and improves recovery. That’s why so many active people — and athletes — choose The Paleo Diet to fuel their pursuits.

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Success Stories

I’ve been following The Paleo Diet since January 1st of this year and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now I’m three sizes smaller, my skin problems have cleared up, and my hair and skin now make me look younger than I am. Some incipient aches and pains have vanished, and I have energy and endurance that I haven't had since my twenties. The transition was so easy, I can't imagine eating any other way. — Katie M.
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