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A carton of tomatoes showing a full-branded product concept by The Paleo Diet

TRUEPALEO™ and PaleoFLEX™ Food Certification

The Paleo Diet is certifying foods to two food certification standards.

These industry leading certifications distill decades of nutrition research by Dr. Loren Cordain and his colleagues into two eye-catching product label marks that identify foods as healthy and sustainable, based on peer-reviewed Paleolithic nutrition science and industry best practice.

Our third-party verified food certification standards carefully consider:

  • ingredients and additives
  • organic production practices
  • food processing methods
  • GMO/bioengineered foods
  • environmental sustainability
  • animal raising and management
  • ratios of omega fatty acids and key nutrients
The Paleo Diet food certification marks for TRUEPALEO and PaleoFLEX and certification marks with claims icons

The Paleo Diet Food Certification Marks

These certifications lead the natural and organic food industry by considering all aspects of health and sustainability that consumers care most about.

Designed for front-of-package labeling, each mark was created by a CPG design firm to stop, grab, and hold on store shelves and online. Marks are available in a standalone format, in multiple colorways, and with additional claims.

What Is TRUEPALEO™ Food Certification?

Foods certified as TRUEPALEO™ by The Paleo Diet® reflect the pure diet as defined by our founder, Dr. Loren Cordain.

TRUEPALEO certified foods are whole foods like vegetables, fruits, seafood, natural meats, nuts and seeds, and some minimally processed versions of these foods, like almond butter or coconut oil.

TRUEPALEO Certification Mark
PaleoFLEX Certification Mark

What Is PaleoFLEX™ Food Certification?

Foods certified as PaleoFLEX™ by The Paleo Diet offer more flexibility while remaining true to the key principles of The Paleo Diet.

These foods are healthier for you, and they make it easier to practice and sustain The Paleo Diet for the long term.

PaleoFLEX foods allow a bit more natural sugar, added sodium, and an allowable additive. It also doesn’t assess animal raising and management standards, but following these practices is recommended.

Compare TRUEPALEO and PaleoFLEX

Our certification standards are the first to consider all aspects of health, animal welfare, and sustainability — backed by science. Our third-party verified standards carefully consider these criteria:

  • ingredients and additives
  • organic production practices
  • food processing methods
  • GMO/bioengineered foods
  • environmental sustainability
  • animal raising and management
A table comparing The Paleo Diet TRUEPALEO and PaleoFLEX food certification criteria
Woman Shopping the Grocery Store Selves

Why Certification Matters: Third-Party Verified Food Certification Is a Gateway to the Most Valuable Shoppers

Earning and maintaining the trust of health-conscious shoppers is critical for food brands. As we explored in our story for Food DiveWhy Food Certification Matters, health-conscious shoppers rely on labeling and certifications to ensure that a product meets their health-driven, dietary needs. Health-conscious shoppers are highly valuable, spending 162% more on weekly groceries according to the Food Marketing Institute.


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