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The Paleo Diet for Athletes and Performance

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Food Is Fuel.

By choosing Paleo foods, you’re fueling with the energy and nutrients you need to achieve your active lifestyle goals.

Get ready for reduced inflammation, improved strength and performance, faster recovery, and a stronger immune system.

Fuel with The Paleo Diet to set yourself up for success.

Get Started with Better Nutrition

A woman in work-out attire makes herself a bowl of fruit.
Sports Nutrition Basics: Fueling for Exercise
For active people and athletes alike, understanding basic sports nutrition can make a big difference in how you feel, perform, recover, and get stronger. Here's our primer on carbs, fats, protein, hydration, and nutrition timing. READ
fridge full of Paleo foods
To Improve Your Diet Quality, Consider Your Fridge and Pantry
A nutritionist shows how to use a gap analysis to evaluate your current food environment and make a nutrition plan to improve your diet quality. READ
The Best Paleo Snacks for Skiing & Other Outdoor Sports
Whether your skiing, snowshoeing, or ice climbing these Paleo-friendly snacks will keep you energized! Plus, tips on how to stay hydrated when your water bottle inevitably freezes! READ
The Hydration Debate Gets Heated
Hydration is divided into two main camps: pre-hydrating versus drinking when thirsty. Which hydration guidelines are best suited to your Paleo lifestyle? READ
female cyclist holding water bottle on her bike
Are You Getting Enough Electrolytes When Training?
The key to hydration - electrolytes! READ
Woman feeling tired at her desk.
Beat the Afternoon Slump for Good
Tired in the afternoon? Defeat the afternoon energy slump by understanding why it occurs. READ

Our Favorite Recipes for Better Performance

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