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Close-up of a man eating ribs

The Carnivore Diet

Eating like our ancestors does not mean prioritizing meat for every meal. Learn the differences between The Paleo Diet and a carnivore diet, which meat products are most aligned with a Paleo lifestyle, and which products aren’t.
Raw cuts of salmon, chicken, steak, and organ meat on black slate
The Carnivore Diet vs. The Paleo Diet
At first glance, the carnivore diet seems congruent with The Paleo Diet, but there are marked differences between the two.
Is The Paleo Diet Meat or Plant-Based?
A common misconception about The Paleo Diet is that it is a meat-based diet. However, there is difference between calorie and volume - and by volume Paleo is plant-based.
Above shot of different cuts of deli meats and salamis on a circular wooden board
Why Processed Meats Aren’t Paleo
Unless you shop carefully for grass-fed, pasture-raised animals or wild game, any processed meat you consume is from feedlot animals.
cows on the farm with a barn
How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Following The Paleo Diet
See ways to reduce the environmental impact of following The Paleo Diet.
Healthy Lean Meats
Learn more about the healthy, lean meats you should eat.
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