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Close-up of a woman holding a Mediterranean Salad

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been around for decades, inspired by the eating habits of people around the Mediterranean Sea, who were found to have lower instances of chronic diseases than other Western countries.
Med diet table of food
The Mediterranean Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Should You Follow?
The Mediterranean Diet is one of the better-known diets for improved health. But which is better in the long run?
Groundbreaking Research Finds The Paleo Diet® Most Effective at Improving Markers of Chronic Illness
This new, peer-reviewed meta-analysis found The Paleo Diet is healthier overall than Mediterranean, DASH, and plant-based diets.
olives and olive oil being poured
Why Olives Are Not Paleo, But Olive Oil Is
Olive oil is frequently used in Paleo cooking, so does that mean olives are Paleo too?
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