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Winter Recipes

Paleo Winter Recipes

Winter is here, and as the temperatures drop, there’s no reason to let the cold weather dampen your spirits. Winter weather opens up a world of hearty, savory, healthy winter stews, soups, casseroles, and roasted dinners. Take a look at our favorite comforting Paleo winter recipes!

Warm up your days with winter recipes like a comforting bowl of soup or indulge in a hearty winter meal like Shepherd’s Pie. If you find yourself under the weather, brew a steaming cup of hot tea or prepare an “immunity bomb” in warm water.

Belly-Warming Soup Recipes

There’s nothing better than grandma’s chicken noodle soup on a cold winter day. Browse through our Paleo-approved soup recipes for your next snow day. We have a recipe for everything—from rich stews to flavorful broths, you just can’t beat a bowl of homemade soup.

Boost Your Immunity

It’s challenging to avoid catching a cold or flu during the winter months. However, you can enhance your immunity by consuming vitamin-rich foods, helping your body fend off the next virus that may cross your path.

Best Comfort Meals

There's nothing more comforting than enjoying a hearty meal on a chilly winter day.
Paleo Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower
Sheperd’s pie is a classic comfort food! Swap mashed potatoes for cauliflower and turnips and beef with turkey for a light and healthy dinner!
From above, a bowl of half butter chicken garnished with chopped parsley with a silver spoon and half cauliflower rice.
Instant Pot Butter Chicken
Our Instant Pot Butter Chicken recipe offers a creamy, healthy version of the classic dish using full-fat coconut milk instead of butter.
Szechuan Coconut Pork Stew
Start this stew early! The longer it simmers, the better it tastes.

Easy Crockpot Recipes

Coming home and having to cook dinner can be a hassle. Make it easy on yourself by preparing a hearty slow cooker dish!

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