Recipe: Green Eggs and Ham Paleo Style

Don’t let the color scare you away! There’s nothing childish about this Paleo Diet® twist on an old favorite. Deviled eggs are the perfect grab- and-go snack to have on hand for between meal nutrition. Make them ahead of time and store in the fridge for up to two days. Kids from one to one hundred will love this delicious, fun treat! Ingredients 12 large eggs (hardboiled) 2 avocados ¼ cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped ½ jalapeño pepper, stems and seeds removed, minced ½ teaspoon cayenne ¼ teaspoon ground, black

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Paleo Lifestyle: Restorative Yoga Sequence to Help You Sleep Better

Restorative Yoga as a Part of a Paleo Lifestyle Why is restorative yoga such a perfect complement to a Paleo lifestyle? The reasons are wide-ranging and inspiring: It’s fantastic for joint health It supports good digestion It encourages mindfulness of body and breath It improves the quality of sleep It enhances overall health and wellness – yeah! In this post we’ll highlight some restorative yoga poses that are especially effective for creating deep and nourishing sleep. They’re great to do after an invigorating day of hiking, biking, when you’ve spent a bit too much time in front of a computer,

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How the Brain Senses Glucose – and Why

When it comes to brain fuel – glucose is king.[1] Glucose is the brain’s primary source of fuel and it is quite narrowly regulated inside our body as a result. This is referred to as glucose homeostasis.[2] There are two key players in this process – insulin and glucagon.[3] These two hormones are kept in balance so that our blood sugar remains stable. When we eat, the ratio of insulin to glucagon is high – which helps to facilitate many postprandial (after meal) processes in the body.[4] The standard American diet is very high in glucose – meaning it’s high

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A Recent Study Finds the Paleo Diet Raises TMAO Levels – But Does it Actually Study the Paleo Diet?

At the heart of the scientific process is debate. Debate is critical because everything in science is a theory and theories can only be improved by constantly challenging and refining them. In nutritional science the debate often gets heated and even that can be a good thing. Scientists debating the merits of various diets often cite vastly different and contradictory studies. Sometimes they can even doggedly argue polar opposite interpretations of the same study. But as long as you can back it up with research, almost anything is fair game. Almost anything. One thing you cannot do is create your

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Recent research study challenges the Paleolithic diet’s benefit on gut and cardiovascular health and adds that whole grain sources may be required

When you have been a proponent of Paleolithic nutrition for nearly 30 years, have read the research on its health benefits, and have knowledge of thousands of individuals that have benefited by its adoption, you receive negative research1 with a healthy dose of skepticism.  That being said, one still has to examine the research and make an objective assessment to either include it in the database of relevant studies, move it into the “more research needed” column, or confidently challenge it as yet another biased attempt to discredit an important area of nutritional research. I say this because we’ve been

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Nell’s Corner: Nourishing Yourself + Baby for an Optimal Pregnancy

And, no, eating “three daily servings of dairy for calcium” needn’t be part of the picture. How does one stay fit, lean and healthy during this incredible time of life while ensuring that baby’s getting what he or she needs for optimal development? When I first got the great news, I immediately began to wonder if I would need to change anything in my eating regime. I felt completely confident that the way I eat is what allowed my own leaky gut to heal almost twenty years ago. But in all honesty, when another human came into the picture (and

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Bad Science: 2016 Mouse Study of the Paleo Diet Is a Classic Example of Research Being Used to Make Claims it Can’t Make

In 2016, a group of researchers led by Dr. Sof Andrikopoulos in Australia published a single study exploring the effects of a high-fat diet on glucose regulation and weight gain in mice. This study set off a media storm that zeroed in on the Paleo Diet, it claimed various health concerns and weight gain for those on the diet. Using no uncertain terms, headlines were published reading things like “Paleo Diet = weight gain.” Sadly, the author of the study didn’t make any attempt to dissuade these claims despite the fact that the term “paleo” was never once used in

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Community Supported Agriculture for Your Health, Sustainability, and Wallet

If you’re following the Paleo Diet®, your grocery list is largely made up of fresh vegetables, grass-fed or pasture-raised meat, and free-range eggs. While your body benefits from this way of eating, your wallet might be hurting – these high-quality foods can have a high price tag! It can also be a challenge to find good sources for locally-grown produce and grass-fed meat. The offerings at your local grocery store might not cut it and there may not be a convenient farmers market in your area. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) could be a great solution for making your Paleo lifestyle

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Recipe: Taste of Thailand Beef Salad

While we would love to say we traveled all the way to Thailand for this recipe, it’s surely the next best thing with these all-natural, fresh ingredients straight from our local grocer. This Paleo Diet® salad makes an ideal Summer meal with a perfect balance of nutrients to satisfy your appetite and cool you off on a hot night. We especially love the spicy dressing that gives the greens a little extra flavour kick to delight those of us who love to wake our taste buds up now and then.   Ingredients 1-pound sirloin steak Black pepper to taste 2

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Recipe: Paleo Peach Cobbler

There’s nothing like fresh peaches to sweeten up the end of summer! At The Paleo Diet®, we count the days until this incredible treat begins showing up at our local farmer’s markets and grocery stores. The taste difference between peaches that have been sitting in cold storage waiting to be ripened and the just-picked ripe and ready fruits makes the waiting and anticipation well worth it. Once fresh peaches arrive, it’s important to eat them within a day or two. Our team loves to top off our dinner menu with this delectable treat. The best part is that it’s fast

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Fiery Hot Sauces: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Introduction and Historical Perspective Almost all of us are familiar with hot sauces – who among us hasn’t encountered a bottle of Tabasco, Cholula, Crystal, Tapatío or Sriracha hot sauces at our favorite Mexican Restaurant? Hot sauces represent condiments which are almost universally offered at Mexican and fast food restaurants in the U.S. and elsewhere. Later, I will get into the specific formulations of popular hot sauces, but for now, let it be known that most are mixtures of hot chili peppers, salt and vinegar among other ingredients. Obviously, the most important component of fiery hot sauces is their chili

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Two Paleo Recipes to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Craving

For most of us, switching to the Paleo Diet® has made us feel healthier and more energetic. This is one of the main reasons the diet has become so popular. Unfortunately, as popular as the Paleo diet is, it doesn’t always eliminate the craving for hearty, hot, comfort foods. The good news is that you can have your comfort food and eat it to. That is there are some comfort foods that fit within the Paleo meal plan. Here are two popular comfort foods that have been modified to make them truly Paleo and guilt-free foods.   Stuffed Peppers Stuffed

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Healthy Aging: Can Diet Help You Prepare for the Hidden Costs of Medicare?

Most baby boomers haven’t saved enough to live even a modest, middle-income lifestyle after work ends [1,2]. Unexpected post-retirement expenses can quickly overwhelm resources – especially medical expenses. “Maintenance” medication expenses often take retirees by surprise as they transition to Medicare. Many don’t realize that Medicare has its own costs and, unlike private insurance, it has NO caps on most out of pocket expense. Even with supplementary insurance, some medical expenses never really go way – especially for drugs. Typical maintenance medications are designed to treat diseases of lifestyle – illnesses that are heavily associated with the nutritional and exercise

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Recipe: Paleo Chicken and Veggie Skewers

Fire up the barbecue and prepare for a classic summertime meal with these Paleo Diet® skewers. What makes these skewers so appealing in the summer? There’s no sweating it out in a hot kitchen with this one. The preparation is fast and easy, and the cleanup is minimal. But that doesn’t make it any less healthy. The chicken and vegetables are packed with nutrients in this delicious combination. Better make extra!   Ingredients 1 lb boneless chicken breast 3 fresh limes 4 cloves minced garlic 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated with micro plane ¼ cup coconut oil

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A great debate of our time: should I choose wild or farmed fish?

When I began my career in fisheries science 43 years ago, I had no idea a major debate over where we get our fish from would be as contentious as it has become.   Admittedly, I was drawn to the important questions of our future food supplies and the role fish would play in that future.  So, I ask here the burning question.  Should we buy fish sourced from the wild or from farms—also known as aquacultured fish?  Facts and science can lead us to an answer.  If I know only one thing, I know this: the best way to analyze this question is objectively, using facts and science as the basis

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