Debunking the Biggest Myths About The Paleo Diet

Many people are skeptical whenever change is introduced. And the Paleo Diet, considered a disruptive diet by some, is no exemption. Many awful things have been said about this diet and it’s easy to get confused with what’s true and what’s not.

Contrary to these claims, The Paleo Diet has changed the lives of many people who were brave enough to try it out and discipline themselves to find the many great benefits of eating “caveman-style.”

Let’s debunk some of the common myths about The Paleo Diet. Who knows? One of the myths on this list may just be the very hurdle that’s been keeping you from leading a healthier lifestyle. So let’s get to the meat of it all, shall we?

Debunking the Biggest Myths About The Paleo Diet - infographic

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  1. Hi. I am very confused & would like to have answers that will be plausible & consvincing. 1 – meats are producing acid ind the body. What about the acid-base balance they are talking about? That acidic foods makes us sick. 2 – what about the heavy metals in fish & other sea animals which are also bad for us? 3 – whre shal I, NOT a rich person who has to count her budget & living in Switzerland find meat from GRASS-FEED animals?! 4 – recently I (56, woman, though using BHRT BUT still have no Dr who REALLY knows how to treat me with this) got finger polyarthrOSIS, not arthritis. WHile a Dr gives NO RECOMMENDATIONS except the pain-killer spray in the internet I find lots of nathuropathic advises about diet also. Besides that they are diffenerent & confusing, they say first of all NO MEATS! Plant food.

    I read your article about the rheumatic arthritis but mine is not rheumatic (although for RHEUMATIC they SURELY recommend PLANT diet..).
    SO what would you say to all that?
    I am tired of trying to find the proper diet. Also I have binge eating disorder & lived more vegetarian & even vegan at times… (originally because of ETHICAL problems. NOW I have ALSO to think about me.. What a sad dilemma 🙁 )
    Thank you very much in case you will help me with your replies.
    P.S: Besides I do not know about the “how much” & my day ends appr. at 02.00. So I get up appr.10.30. How to fit the eating in such a day? Taking in account that late eating is bad as you (this website) wrote here too.

  2. The great thing about eating paleo, whether you eat mainly fruits & vegetables, or meat; it all comes down to what type of foods you should eat and what you should stay away from. I eat more meat than plants, but that’s my preference. Other paleo eaters can choose to eat more plants than meat. There is no set rule to it as far as that goes.

  3. Humans weren’t designed to eat meat. Just look at your teeth, clearly designed for plant consumption. Also meat & dairy are much harder to digest than other foods. Unfortunately there aren’t enough affordable & highly concentrated forms of plant-based protein around. Paleo is a great start but not the “best” you can do for your body.

  4. Good myth debunking. The biggest myth I can’t stand is the life expectancy for Paleolithic people. Have these people ever heard of high infant death mortality? If you take five 75 year olds and five 1 month old babies the overall life span of those ten people is around 38. However this gives us no true accurate sum of how long healthy grown adults lived. Also many mothers died in childbirth. So when you have babies and young mothers dying it drastically skews the life expectancy.

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