Are Sweet Potatoes Paleo?

Are Sweet Potatoes Paleo? | The Paleo Diet

Are sweet potatoes paleo? Baked or boiled – I thought not!

Maelán Fontes’ Response:

Yes, sweet potatoes are allowed, specially in the post-workout period if you are an athlete. Sweet potatoes are different from potatoes in that they do not contain several harmful substances such as saponins and lectins, which may increase your intestinal permeability (if consumed regularly) and rev-up your immune system. But on the other hand, sweet potatoes are high glycemic index foods and should be restricted if you are struggling with overweight, at least until your body weight normalizes.

I hope this helps.
Maelán Fontes Villalba – MS Ph.D. candidate in Medical Sciences at Lund University, Sweden

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  1. Maelán, thanks for the clarification. Can you elaborate about yams? Same principle as sweet potatoes? I’m new to the diet and have stayed away from sweet potatoes so far and losing weight in the process. I guess that makes sense based on your comments above, I stayed away from them because I believed them non-Paleo where as you explain it’s really the high GI that can hinder weight loss.

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