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Coconut milk

Paleo Sour Cream Recipe
Jess Case
Based on coconut cream, this dairy-free Paleo Sour Cream recipe is a healthy game changer for chilis, soups, and hot potato dishes.
Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt
Jess Case
Our Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt is easy to make, probiotic, and delicious. Try solo, added to smoothies, in popsicles, or as a topping.
Golden Glow Mango Smoothie
Jess Case
This vitamin C filled mango smoothie recipe will have you glowing inside out!
PaleoFLEX™ Irish Soda Bread
Jess Case
Use a cast iron skillet to get this gluten-free soda bread nice and crispy.
PaleoFLEX™ Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Jess Case
Fluffy almond flour pancakes are topped with warm cinnamon apples for a delightfully cozy breakfast!
PaleoFLEX™ Spiced Eggnog
Jess Case
Try our homemade eggnog that’s lightened up with coconut milk and sweetened with just a touch of raw honey.
Golden Milk Smoothie
Jess Case
Blend up this vegan and Paleo smoothie for a tasty anti-inflammatory drink!
PaleoFLEX™ Easy Hot Chocolate
Jess Case
Skip the sugary powdered junk and make your own delicious hot chocolate with a handful of healthy ingredients instead.
Paleo Chai Latte with Turmeric
Jess Case
Don’t spend $5 at a coffeeshop! This Paleo Chai Latte with Turmeric is a tastier and healthier winter favorite that you can make at home.
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