Stop Menstrual Cramps with Paleo

Stop Menstrual Cramps with Paleo | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,


I wanted to let you know about the difference The Paleo Diet has made to my menstrual problems. The reason I wanted to talk about this in particular was because I have not read of any other women talking about relief from period pain on a Paleo Diet but if only I’d known years earlier!

I have always had extremely severe cramps in the first few hours of my period. I have spoken to many women but have only met a few who seemed to experience the same degree of pain. If I didn’t take medication in time I would always repeatedly vomit even after my stomach was empty. I would have diarrhea and terrible cramps. I just could not believe how painful they were. My hair would be wet within minutes due to sweating from the pain and I would see the sweat bead down my arms too. I could not even sit upright but mostly curled into a ball. I lived in terror of being caught out without medication when my cramps were starting.

Although being on the pill solved the problem for a couple of years in my twenties, I did not want to be on the pill long term. No other solution worked and even referrals to gynecologists did not help. However, for the two years I lived in Japan in my mid-twenties, I was free of all pain. I put this down to a diet high in seaweed, tofu and fish, and was frustrated I never managed to replicate the benefits at home in Australia despite trying hard to achieve a similar diet.

It seems odd now that I didn’t realise that the solution lay in what I was NOT eating in Japan. I was eating very little dairy and wheat. A doctor specializing in nutritional medicine made this link for me (even though I’d given up on solving the period problem and it was not why I went to see the doctor). After one week on a Paleo diet I had my first period in eleven years (since living in Japan) that did not require medication. I was astonished and jubilant.

I have experienced most of the other benefits that people have mentioned, too, such as weight loss, increased energy and no colds. My pre-menstrual tension has also almost entirely gone after months of getting worse. My favourite thing is not having an afternoon slump during my work day.

I hope you can let other women know about the success they may have with menstrual problems. I’d love to hear more from other women on this.


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  1. Three day, pain-free, emotionally steady period. That was my first period after starting my new Paleo lifestyle. I’m sold.

  2. I’m adding to this too, that I have experienced a profound positive alteration to my chronic debilitating period pain. After 20 yrs of menstrual issues (vomiting, shakes, thigh muscle agony, excruciating cramps, diarrhea) and really getting no further with medical assistance other than ‘take naprogesic’ ‘take endone’ (I don’t like either – naprogesic does work but too well – it sometimes stops my period altogether for a month of bloating till the next flow arrives) the one reason I have contemplated sticking with paleo is this dramatic improvement. Personally, as someone in otherwise reasonable health I can’t support the arguments made for a paleo diet in my case as I don’t think they hold up under examination. But the difference to my cycle is amazing and I am considering making the commitment on this basis.

  3. I also had success and seriously bad cramps on the first day of my period.

    I did the Paleo diet/even more strict with the Whole30 program and the pain was dull. I was able to go to work and actually get out of the bed. Usually you can find me in the bathub so I can definitely vouch for Paleo handling this for me.


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  5. Edwina,

    I can confirm you very similar experience. I have always had problems before and during menstruation. I also did vomit few times with empty stomach… then I also took pills for few years, which I do not recommend to anyone, but I have to admit, that with the pills I did not have the cramps… 2 years ago I stopped taking them and cramps were back. I tried a lot of things but nothing helped. Suddenly 4 months ago I came across paleo diet, read about it a lot and started with that. (Not only because of PMS, I also have atopic exema…) And now I do not have any cramps or diarhoea at all 🙂 … (and I am also loosing fat, having more energy and my muscles are growing 🙂 – of course with exercising 😉 )

  6. Sir,my wife is suffering from servere irregular menstruation.This problem started about 4years ago,is there by any means this Paleo Diet can help.

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