Paleolithic Diet is the Best Bet for Diabetes

July 31, 2014

Paleolithic Diet is the Best Bet for DiabetesPaleolithic Diet is the Best Bet for Diabetes Excerpt

A newly published study in Cardiovascular Diabetology compared the effects of a Paleolithic diet to the current guidelines for a diabetes diet, and looked at cardiovascular risk factors for type 2 diabetes patients. The participating three women and ten men, who had type 2 diabetes that was not treated with insulin, were instructed to follow each diet for three-months.

The Paleolithic diet used was lower in cereals and dairy products, and higher in fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs. It was also higher in unsaturated fatty acids, dietary cholesterol and several vitamins. It was lower in total energy, energy density, carbohydrate, dietary glycemic load (GL) and glycemic index (GI), saturated fatty acids and calcium. Read more…


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  1. Sharon J Butler says:

    My husband has diabetes and is controlled by diet. We both have high cloistral, he has high blood presser and I’m overweight by 75 pounds.
    We are both over 65 and I want a plan to follow that is not so confusing to follow. Donn’t have lots of money to spend we live on ss.Please let me know what you recommend for me.
    Thanks Sharon

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