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The Rise of Farming Part I

The Rise of Farming Part I | The Paleo DietThe Rise of Farming Part I Excerpt

If you are like most people, the agricultural revolution is some dim historical event that you haven’t given a second thought to since about 6th grade. It may seem to have little or no relevance to you in your busy workday world. However, modern civilization as we know it with our cities, our cultures, our technological and medical achievements and our knowledge of the world and universe would never have arisen were it not for agriculture. On the other hand, we can give credit to the agricultural revolution for bringing us much of the chronic disease and obesity that are epidemic in our modern world. The foods that agriculture brought us (cereals, dairy products, fatty meats, salted foods, and refined sugars and oils) are disastrous for our Stone Age bodies – bodies that are ideally adapted to a fare of lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies. In this paper, I will show you how agriculture brought with it a boatload of nutritionally related diseases that were unknown to hunter-gatherers. I will also show you how agriculture’s new foods continue to wreak havoc in our Stone Age bodies and how these foods fundamentally vary from the healthful foods our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. Read more…

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