Staffan Lindeberg (1950-2016) and His Legacy

Dr. Staffan Lindeberg was a pioneer of the Paleo diet as well as a wonderful colleague and friend. The following tribute was written by his Ph.D. student Pedro Bastos. Dr. Lindeberg would have been 67 today (February 22nd.) Dr. Staffan Lindeberg was a Swedish physician, who, like Prof. Loren Cordain, got hooked in Evolutionary Medicine when he first read Drs. Eaton and Konner’s now classic paper (‘Paleolithic nutrition: a consideration of its nature and current implications’) published in 1985 in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. One of the things in that caught his attention in that paper was

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Five Practical Tips for Getting Your B Vitamins

Despite it’s overwhelming success, the Paleo Diet still gets attacked for “eliminating entire food groups,” which, according to Paleo critics, puts Paleo adherents at risk for certain deficiencies, including B vitamin deficiencies. While concentrating on the Paleo diet’s exclusion of cereals and legumes, some of which provide healthy amounts of B vitamins, they glaze over the many Paleo-compliant foods that are rich in B vitamins. As we’ll see in this article, the Paleo diet, when done correctly, supplies all your B vitamin needs and more. Before presenting our practical B vitamin tips, let’s briefly recap why B vitamins are so

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Enjoy Your Dark Chocolate Treats

On February 14th, 2017 millions of people across the globe will indulge in various chocolate assortments of all flavors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Most people following the Paleo lifestyle will feel obligated to avoid partaking in the widespread chocolate consumption, and with good reason. The average milk chocolate bar you see while strolling the aisles of your local grocery store typically contains little cacao or cocoa based ingredients and proportionately higher quantities of sugar, milk, lactose, soy, preservatives, and other non-paleo ingredients. These types of chocolate bars should definitely be avoided. The primary motive for consuming chocolate, while following a

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A Menu to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day The Paleo Way

It’s February, and that means love is in the air!  Preparing for a special day with your loved ones almost always includes a thoughtfully planned and beautifully presented meal.  At The Paleo Diet, we designed this healthy and delicious dinner to celebrate the treasured people in our lives.  Because this is a special occasion, treat yourself and enjoy a glass of wine with your meal.  But first, you might want to read Dr. Cordain’s post about alcohol and The Paleo Diet.   Valentine Dinner Menu Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Mango Shrimp Salad Grass-fed Beef Lover Filets Grilled Asparagus with Fresh Lemon

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Nell’s Corner: Global Paleo

Take a step back and think about what an authentic Paleo approach is really all about. It’s eating foods which grow locally, seasonally, and in balance (leafy green plants and wild animals), which are easily and readily available to us in our farmer’s markets, health food stores, and even in our own back yards. Consider, for a moment, if we lived in an environment where this was the only type of food we had access to – no packaged items, no prepared frozen foods, no restaurants. Would we still need to use a label on what we were eating? This

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The Paleo Diet January Digest – Salt, Coffee, and other not so Paleo Foods

Welcome Paleo Diet Readers! January was a busy time at The Paleo Diet, with a significant increase in visitors enjoying our site.  Whether you have been a Paleo warrior for years, or are just learning about all the healthy benefits this lifestyle has to offer, we are happy you are spending time with us and exploring the up-to-date information offered by our team.   Going Paleo is an exciting and healthy change that can also bring a few challenges along the way. January always presents two particular challenges including enjoying a few too many non-Paleo treats over the holidays and

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Dietary Salt Impairs the Endothelial Glycocalyx: The Most Important Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor You May Never Have Heard About

Frequently, important physiological discoveries made by scientists who study obscure topics escape the attention of the general public, health professionals, and even other scientists.  Such has been the case for the endothelial glycocalyx: a delicate and fragile structure lining the inside surface of all blood vessels. The endothelial glycocalyx had been inferred from blood flow measurements as far back as the 1940’s, but due to its fragile configuration the structure had never been viewed until 1966 when it was first detected with an electron microscope using special staining procedures (1).  Over the next 30 years, scientists speculated about the function

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Further Evidence Against a High Sodium Paleo Diet

An ongoing controversy about dietary salt (either refined salt or sea salt) in human ancestral diets represents a significant point of contention for the Paleo Diet community.  Some popular bloggers contend that ingested high levels of dietary salt have no adverse effects upon our health and wellbeing1-10.  My scientific colleagues and I disagree with these conclusions11-34.   The Table below clearly demonstrates that high sodium diets (greater than 2300 mg/day) are virtually impossible to achieve when eating a 2000 to 2500 kcal/day diet consisting of normal selections of un-adulterated, non-salted wild or domesticated foods. References [1] Kresser C. Shaking Up

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A Few Recipes for the Winter Blah’s

The holidays are over and the snow is looking a little colder and a little browner. Many of us are hunkering down and waiting for the spring day when the buds appear on the trees and flowers start blooming. A few warm recipes can really help pass the winter season. Who doesn’t want to take their boots off on a cold day and sit down to a hot bowl of Paleo chicken soup…   Chicken and Mushroom Ramen This warming aromatic bowl of goodness proves that even Paleo enthusiasts can enjoy a big soupy bowl of Asian-style noodles. This noodle

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Not So Paleo: Is There a Place for Cheating?

Huh? I know, I know. I’m sometimes seen as Paleo Dogmatic. I’m perceived as strict, old-school, or too rigid when it comes to how I portray following an authentic Paleo diet. But guess what? I’m over it. At least I’m over being that dogmatic. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not, for a second, saying that I’ve stopped believing in a real Paleo diet. I do, 100 percent. But a few things have changed and it’s been a long time coming. A few years back, Dr. Cordain and I were invited onto the Dr. Oz Show first the first

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