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Trevor Connor is the CEO of The Paleo Diet, LLC. He was Dr. Loren Cordain’s final graduate student at Colorado State University, where his research focused on the effects of a Paleo-style diet on autoimmune conditions. Working with Dr. Cordain, his pilot study included close to 60 volunteers with diverse conditions ranging from Crohn’s disease to multiple sclerosis to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Trevor comes from a varied background. After graduating from Cornell University in 1995 he started his career in website development. He soon followed his passion and became a semi-professional cyclist, training at the Canadian National Center in British Columbia where he became a coach and team manager. He later managed the Team Rio Grande cycling team—the top-ranked amateur team in America whose alumni include top-five Tour de France finisher Tejay van Garderen and Giro d’Italia stage winner Chad Haga.

Initially, Trevor studied exercise physiology and nutrition to support his own training and to improve his coaching. At 38, he decided it was time to hang up the bike; he moved to Colorado to get his masters degree in bioenergetics and nutrition. Trevor had studied traditional sports nutrition for over a decade, and when he took Dr. Cordain’s class in 2009, he was highly skeptical of the Paleo Diet concept. But after experimenting with the diet, Trevor was able to return to the professional cycling ranks at 40, finishing in the top five in several races and establishing himself as the top ranked 40-plus rider in the country for several years running.

In addition to his role as CEO, Trevor writes the "Coach's Corner" section for the international cycling magazine VeloNews and co-hosts the popular endurance sports science podcast Fast Talk. Trevor is also CEO of Fast Talk Laboratories, LLC, a business dedicated to the science of endurance sports.

Trevor Connor
Meet The Expert

What makes you an expert on The Paleo Diet?

My combination of experience and research. I studied under the founder of The Paleo Diet, Dr Loren Cordain. And, I have been able to see the impact of the diet as a high-performance athlete.

Describe the impact The Paleo Diet has had on your life?

I had always been hampered with health issues—it was what led me to quit racing full time. The diet improved my health, my recovery, and allowed me to continue racing at a professional level well into my 40s.

What does “healthy living” mean to you? And what do you like to eat when you go to the movies?

It's all about balance. If you ignore your health and always having that ice cream or pizza, it will lead to bad places. But I also believe that being overly rigid can lead to a loss of perspective. Personally, I eat Paleo most of the time, but at the theater I don’t hold back on a big bag of buttered popcorn.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing for The Paleo Diet?

That’s an easy one for me—going for a long bike ride in the mountains of Colorado. I love to race, but first and foremost, I enjoy being active and taking on a good challenge.

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