Whole Wheat Heart Attack: Part I

Whole Wheat Heart Attack Part I | The Paleo DietWhole Wheat Heart Attach Part I Excerpt

According to the American Heart Association’s 2004 figures, cardiovascular disease (CVD) ranked as America’s number one killer in 2004, claiming the lives of 37.1% of the 2.4 million people who died. CVD has been closely researched for many years, but recent discoveries have shed new light on what really causes it, and more importantly the lifestyle and dietary changes we can make to prevent it. Until recently, the common belief was that a build up of fatty deposits on the surface of arteries blocked blood flow and eventually caused a heart attack. But in fact, this is not what really happens. The Paleo Diet has helped many to improve their heart health. Now groundbreaking research has provided even more links between the diet’s forbidden whole grains and legumes that explain the dangerous role that these foods really play in the development of CVD. Read more…


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