Success Story: Curing Colitis Symptoms

Below is a recent success story we received from a Paleo Diet follower:

Dr. Cordain,

I have been following your Paleo diet for 6 weeks, and have been off of Asacol, the medication I take for ulcerative colitis for 4 weeks!  It’s amazing that my colitis symptoms are gone.

I do a lot of long distance cycling, and am currently training for Ride The Rockies, and the MS150.  I have a lot of questions about nutrition during and after training and on my long rides.  I have your book Paleo Diet for Athletes, but have a lot of questions and could use some clarity.

Thank you so much.  I’m a believer!

All the best

– Sheila

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  2. I had stomach stapling 25 years ago and since my hysterectomy I have gained approx. 100 lbs. I need to have a right knee replacement but suffer from intestinal problems like inflamed polyps, irritable bowel, and colitis. I need a nutritional plan that I can follow. Can you help?

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