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Hazards of Dairy

Hazards of Dairy | The Paleo DietHazards of Dairy Excerpt

Another Reason not to drink your milk: Betacellulin. Although dairy foods comprise nearly 11% of the energy in the typical U.S. diet,1 these foods were never consumed by every human on the planet as recently as 500 human generations (10,000 years) ago. Increasingly, data from tissue, human, animal and epidemiological studies demonstrate that this staple food has the potential to adversely influence health as would be predicted by the evolutionary template.

The epidermal growth factor receptor: Only 12 short years have elapsed since the discovery that humans bear a hormonal receptor in their gastrointestinal tract called the epidermal growth factor receptor. This trans-membrane, hormonal receptor is very unusual in that it is expressed luminally – meaning that it faces the gut contents rather than the bloodstream.2,3 The location of the EGF receptor puzzled scientists for years – why was it expressed luminally and what was its function?4 Since, hormones always arrive at tissues from the circulation, why should the EGF receptor face the gut contents, which in effect are outside the body? Read more…

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