Control Diabetes with The Paleo Diet

February 25, 2014

Control Diabetes with The Paleo Diet | The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain,

I tried The Paleo Diet after a friend lost weight with it. I had asked my doctor about it, and he supported me 100%, because he said my weight was making it hard to control my diabetes, and he was worried about my heart.

Starting out was difficult and a big adjustment because I loved Krispy Kreme donuts, cakes and all kinds of sweets. But I realized after about a week on the diet that I wasn’t really craving them anymore! Instead, I reached for some hard cheese or raw vegetables at snack time and felt really satisfied.

The best part for me was when I realized I could fit into my old gym clothes I hadn’t worn in years – and I looked great! But my doctor is happiest about my blood sugar, which has stabilized so much that I don’t have to take medication any longer for my diabetes. In fact, he told me that if I stay on The Paleo Diet from now on, I may never need medication again! I’m healthier, better looking and happier. I love The Paleo Diet!

Brandon Fields

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  1. Natasa says:

    Thanks Melissa! Bellydance really is for all seahps and sizes… don’t let your tummy stop you! It’s so much fun and quite in line with paleo ideals :) I’d say only 1/3 of students in my classes even have their belly uncovered… and flesh-toned torso stockings are often worn for performance. No excuses 😉 Jan 3 2011 at 22:58

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