Calcium and Osteoporosis

Calcium and Osteoporosis | The Paleo DietCalcium and Osteoporosis Excerpt

Calcium alone may not prevent the risk of fractures. Our main goal was to show readers that osteoporosis results from a discordance between our Paleolithic genome and the nutritional, cultural, and activity patterns in contemporary Western populations, and cannot be solved by simply increasing calcium intake.

Moreover, although there are short and median-term studies (such as the four-year study published by Dr. Bischoff-Ferrari and colleagues, in the June edition of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) showing calcium has a positive effect on fracture risk, longerterm studies, such as the three Harvard studies (study one followed 77,761 women for 12 years, study two followed 43.063 men also for twelve years, and study three followed 77,337 women for 18 years), haven’t shown an association between calcium intake and fracture incidence. Read more…


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  3. I take Calmag every day, but still experience a lot of leg cramps. I only drink full cream milk and full fat cheeses. Please tell me if this Ok on the Paleo diet. If not, what do I replace it with. Does dairy cause bloating?

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