How To Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day When Your Valentine Isn’t Paleo

How To Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day When Your Valentine Isn't Paleo | The Paleo Diet

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are long past, January dragged on forever, as January often does, and the countdown to warmer days and pastel wardrobe colors is officially on! The first color you’ll be grabbing out of your closet? Red!

The start of February signifies a short bridge month from winter to spring, with Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle to draw attention away from the weather and to your significant other.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, or have been with your partner for some time – Valentine’s Day is a marked date on the calendar for fancy dinners and sweets and treats galore. But what if your Paleo lifestyle doesn’t quite extend to your partner? Should you have to compromise your healthy eating habits for a night out on the town?

We’ve taken all the stress out of planning Valentine’s Day this year with 5 Sweet Suggestions to a Lovely Paleo Valentine’s When Your Valentine Isn’t Paleo.

Go to Dinner

If you’re committed to sticking to a more traditional celebration and heading out for dinner, take the bull by the horns and make the reservation this year.

It’ll give you a chance to check out the menu ahead of time and make sure they have some Paleo-friendly options so you aren’t left fretting at the restaurant. Give the restaurant a ring and ask them where they source their meat, what kind of oil they use when cooking, and if there are some dishes they recommend for folks following a Paleo diet. Making your reservation on Open Table? Drop in your food intolerances so the chefs can prepare a Paleo Valentine’s Day dinner ahead of time.

Cook Together

If dinner reservations on V-Day are too stuffy, mix it up and stay in. Spending an evening cooking together is not only fun, but perfect to bond with you partner. Splurge on a nice bottle of organic sulfite-free wine and pair it with crab or lobster. The best part? Since you’re cooking, you can choose Paleo ingredients – don’t even tell your partner until after the meal. They’ll love Paleo without even knowing they’re eating it!

Get Outside

Rather than spending money on presents, get into the outdoors. After all, a couple that plays together, stays together! Head to the mountain for some snowshoeing or skiing or find a quiet beach and head down with a Paleo Valentine’s picnic basket and a few blankets. Drive up to a nearby park or mountain and spend the afternoon hiking to a viewpoint. Reconnect, recharge, and get back to your roots together.

See a Band

If you’re committed to going out, but want to avoid the foodie crowds, go out for a night of live music. With a little research, you can snag tickets to a concert on or around Valentine’s or hit a jazz club or a dive bar for an underground or up-and-coming local band. With great vibes and almost always a little dancing, you and your Valentine are in for a real treat. Besides, what’s more romantic than dancing the night away?

Relax: Just Do It

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so if the pocket book strings aren’t too tight, book a romantic getaway that gets you back to your ancestral past. Go off the grid, hike to natural hot springs, become one with nature, relax by a fire and make memories to last a lifetime.

Guarantee a fun Paleo Valentine’s Day for you and your partner, without making concessions!

Happy Love Day Y’all!



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