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Tropical Fruit Salad with Vanilla Pineapple
Griffin McMath, ND, EDAC
This sweet fruit salad is flavored with vanilla-roasted pineapple and fresh mint for a unique side dish.
Immune-Boosting Papaya Dragonfruit Smoothie
Andrea Dehnke
This sweet and nutritious smoothie is packed with vitamin C, electrolytes, probiotics, and prebiotics to lift your spirits and your health.
Cranberry Lime Fizz Mocktail
Jess Case
Skip the soda and alcohol and raise your glass with a healthy, bubbly Cranberry Lime Mocktail instead.
Cherry Lime Sherbet
Jess Case
This Cherry-Lime Sherbet doubles as a sweet treat and palate cleanser.
Persimmon Salsa
Jess Case
Fall in love with persimmon salsa, a zesty and refreshing twist that's perfect for sharing with friends and family at home or dinner parties.
Halloween Charcuterie Board
Jess Case
Get ready to spookify your Halloween with our Paleo Charcuterie Board!
Chocolate Bark with Berries
Jess Case
This Chocolate Bark with Berries is a healthier-for-you snack that will satisfy dark chocolate cravings with bright berry flavors.
Paleo Wellness Shots
Jess Case
Use this simple approach to wellness shot recipes to save money and create your own custom wellness shot flavors.
Watermelon Salad with Microgreens
Jess Case
This sweet and nutty watermelon salad is the perfect option for a light lunch or snack.
Coconut Ice Cream with Lime
Jess Case
Escape to a tropical oasis with every creamy, cool spoonful of our Coconut Ice Cream with Lime and Avocado. You'll love the creamy texture.
Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie
Jess Case
Start your morning off right with this Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie. Dragon fruit brings the bright color and is packed with antioxidants.
Peach Salsa
Jess Case
The perfect salsa to pair with chips or veggies.
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