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Casey Thaler, B.A., NASM-CPT, FNS is an NASM certified personal trainer and NASM certified fitness nutrition specialist. He writes for Paleo Magazine, PaleoHacks, Greatist, Breaking Muscle, and MindBodyGreen. He is an advisor for Bone Broths Co. and also runs his own nutrition and fitness consulting company, Eat Clean, Train Clean.

Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Fat, Or Completely Terrible for You?

        Coconut oil – one of the most popular fats in the modern American lifestyle. Exploding from obscure product to true phenomenon, this tasty treat is also extremely controversial. At the same time that coconut oil saw a huge increase in American consumption, related products (like coconut water) also greatly expanded in popularity. For example, coconut water on its own is now a $300 million dollar per year industry. For a product that barely existed (in terms of sales) a decade ago – this is truly an overnight phenomenon.         But back to coconut oil. It has been called a

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Yes, Eggs Are High in Cholesterol, But Why Should We Care?

Cholesterol – is there a more controversial topic in the world of nutrition? For years, we were told that cholesterol is one of the most important biomarkers of health, particularly cardiovascular health. Prominent government- and health-related institutions have traditionally recommended upper limits on dietary cholesterol of 300 mg/day (effectively limiting egg consumption to 1 egg per day.) A recommendation based on the theory that dietary cholesterol – the cholesterol contained in food – negatively impacts cholesterol found in the blood, called serum cholesterol. With the emergence of more and more scientific evidence, however, this theory has become increasingly untenable, causing

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Get Grains Off the Brain

When it comes to good nutritional choices, the mainstream media and food companies have taught us that grains are truly one of the best choices we can make. But is the science saying the same thing? Over the last few years, there’s been a rapid increase in scientific research showing that grains may actually be one of the worst choices we can make when it comes to our brain’s health.1 A fact that is only just starting to reach the media through some eye-opening works like the book  Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter. The book made numerous key points

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Does a Ketogenic Diet Extend Life Span?

Part Three in Our Ketogenic Diet Series Lately there has been a lot of hype about extending lifespan with diet. Stories of new scientific evidence and exciting “discoveries” are circulating the medias causing many people to fast or severely restricting carbohydrates to live longer. But does the science actually back it? Its true that more and more research is being published on the effects of diet and aging. Two key trends have appeared to emerge so far. First, eating vegetables and other antioxidant-rich foods is associated with improved health and longevity.1,2 Second, reducing refined sugar intake is a great way

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New Study: Sugar Industry Downplayed the Impact of Sugar On Heart Disease for Decades

A newly published study revealed that in 1960 the sugar industry paid three top scientists from Harvard University to downplay the impact of sugar in the development of coronary heart disease1. While the link between sugar and heart disease is no longer surprising to anyone following the field of nutrition closely, the sheer brazenness of the past actions outlined in this new study can’t be underestimated. The study’s authors analyzed fifty years’ worth of internal sugar industry documents and found that for two decades, the industry, under the auspices of the Sugar Research Foundation, funded studies that downplayed the health

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Is Sugar Addictive?

Sugar is likely the most over consumed substance in the modern world 1 On top of our endless addiction to soda (sugar water essentially) – sugar is surreptitiously added to nearly every processed food.2 As a result, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) now reports that the average American ingests 150-170 pounds of sugar per year.3 This overconsumption of sugar may very well be killing us. As I’ve previously written, sugar is the precursor and the ‘canary in the coalmine’ – to numerous diseases and unhealthy conditions. Diabetes? Check.4 Obesity? Check.5 Even Alzheimer’s has been directly linked to too

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How to Have a Paleo Christmas

When it comes to the holidays, it can be much more difficult to stick to your Paleo Diet. But – fortunately – there are many ways to “Paleo-fy” your favorite holiday meals. Today, I will be covering how you can transform a traditional Christmas dinner – into a much healthier one. Forget the empty calories of stuffing, rolls and pumpkin pie. Instead, say hello to some delicious sweet potatoes, free-range organic turkey and a large helping of brain-friendly vegetables! While your loved ones may be passed out on the couch after dinner, you will be energized, alert – and maybe

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Is Your Brain Hardwired for Junk Food?

While the title of this article may at first seem implausible (and somewhat scary), a new scientific study seems to show that an inborn preference for junk food is not only possible – it may be affecting more of us than ever could have possibly been imagined. For the first time in history, researchers for Obesity Society have identified two genetic variants, which help to change how the brain responds to high-calorie foods.1 2 While this is potentially terrible news for those of us who struggle to resist highly processed and manufactured foods – it also means there is possibly

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Stop Settling for Pseudo Health and Say No to Pseudograins

The negative health repercussions of consuming grains has been covered to death, over the years. 1 2 3 I will not delve into the many issues with grains – suffice to say their problems have been well documented in many other pieces on this very website including the most recent Wheat Series. In fact, one of the seminal scientific research papers written by Dr. Cordain, “Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double Edged Sword” magnified the many problems of grain consumption.4 Enough said. However, we are often asked about pseudograins, and if these might somehow be better to consume on a regular basis.

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Eating Disorders, Mental Health, and the Gut Microbiome

There are currently 30 million people in the United States alone who suffer from eating disorders,1 where the related science and mental health are overlooked in their diagnoses.2 3 A new study, published by the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, found new evidence of an association between the gut microbiota and the eating disorder anorexia.4 Researchers (and more mainstream sources) are beginning to understand just how much impact our gut has on nearly everything in our body – including our brain.5 6 7 Since nearly 90% of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive tract – what’s going on in

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