What to Eat This Week: May, Week 1
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What to Eat This Week: May, Week 1

By Aimee McNew, Contributor
May 2, 2021
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Spring has finally sprung, and some areas are starting to feel downright summery! Weather can play a strong role in appetite and the foods you want to eat, so we keep things light and veggie-rich this week.

Do you find yourself eating more during certain seasons? For many, it can be comforting to eat during the colder winter months, but you may also have more of an appetite during seasons of stress.

It’s common to try to curb appetite by cutting back on food at mealtime, but this usually results in even more cravings. Instead, choose nourishing foods and feed your body the amount it desires.

If your appetite is elevated from stress, hormones, or other physiological processes, feed your body with the nutrients it’s crying out for. By choosing healthy, whole foods over processed ones, you can focus on quality and stop caring about calories. That’s one less thing to stress about!

Here’s your meal plan for the week:


This Steak Fajita Stir Fry is a bright, nutrient-rich way to kick off your week’s meal plan. Plus, there’s a power combo of vitamins at play here! Bell peppers contain high amounts of vitamin C, which supports optimal absorption of the beef’s iron, leading to higher antioxidant levels, healthy hemoglobin, and more energy in the body.

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These Paleo Mushroom Burgers infuse your typical ground beef with mushroom and sage. The trick works for ground bison, lamb, and pork, too. For a vegetarian twist, skip the ground beef, and grill whole portobello mushrooms heads as a replacement for the bun.

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Keep things ultra-easy on the digestion with this Carrot Coconut Lemongrass Soup. Pair it with a side of your favorite roasted vegetables or cauliflower rice!

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These Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps prep easily, so keep this recipe on hand for any time you need a fast meal. You can also make it with salmon or sardines!

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Paleo Ratatouille sounds complicated, but couldn’t be easier! It preps in just 10 minutes and gives you a plate full of veggies. Top it with an egg if you need extra protein.

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Leftovers day!

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Start your day off right with this Protein-Packed Breakfast Casserole! You can also make it in muffin tins for easier portable eating or portioning. Skip the ground pork if you want to make it a vegetarian breakfast.

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