What You Should and Should Not Eat on The Paleo Diet®
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What You Should and Should Not Eat on The Paleo Diet®

By Lauren Fellows
December 5, 2022
Pexels.com/ Photo by fauxels
Pexels.com/ Photo by fauxels

Are you new to The Paleo Diet®? It might seem overwhelming to learn which foods are and are not Paleo, so we made an easy cheat sheet for you to reference!

The premise is really quite simple: eat all the fresh veggies, meat, fruit, seafood, eggs, and nuts you like. It's really hard to overeat when you're eating a nutrient-dense diet, so don't worry about counting calories or calculating your macros.

The biggest categories of food to avoid are dairy, grains, legumes, and processed food. You'll also want to shy away from added sugar and salt. Of course, you can enjoy these foods for up to 15% of your diet and still reap the benefits of going Paleo! Just remember to limit these foods as much as you can.

While coffee was off the table on Paleo for a long time, we've recently decided that coffee can in fact be Paleo if you feel your body responds to it well. You can also drink alcohol occasionally, but we suggest you opt for sulfite-free red wines or spirits over beer.

If you're missing cookies and cakes on The Paleo Diet, you can recreate some of your favorites using healthier-for-you ingredients like honey instead of refined sugar, and almond flour instead of regular flour. Just be aware that these treats are considered PaleoFLEX™, not TRUEPALEO™, and should be enjoyed sparingly. Depending on how you want to practice The Paleo Diet, you can make these treats part of your 85%. Of course, make sure you balance it out with plenty of healthy foods to keep your nutrient ratios in check.

This infographic includes a basic sample day on The Paleo Diet, but if you want recipes to create a full plan, check out What to Eat This Week or download our 7-Day and 28-Day digital meal plans!

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