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The Paleo Diet Team

Articles by The Paleo Diet Team

Paleo Low-Sodium Kimchi
Want the gut-health benefits of kimchi but trying to avoid the high salt content? Try this low-sodium kimchi recipe that's healthier.
Paleo No-Salt Kimchi
Traditional kimchi uses a lot of salt to kill harmful bacteria, but today it's easy to make a no-salt kimchi that is safe and healthier.
Health and Wellness in a Paleo Lifestyle
The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle based on principles of health and wellness.
What Can You Eat on The Paleo Diet?
See our simple guide to what you can eat on The Paleo Diet and what foods to avoid.
Is The Wolf Diet for Dogs Similar to The Paleo Diet for Humans?
Your dog deserves the best, especially when it comes to their diet!
Paleo Start Up Breakfast Veggie Scramble
This Paleo Breakfast Veggie scramble features creamy avocados, crisp peppers, satisfying mushrooms, and savory green onions--in under 10 min.
How Much Sugar Is in Your Fruit?
How much sugar does fruit contain, compared to candy? The answer might surprise you!
The Paleo Diet® Marks 20-Year Anniversary
We're proud to mark 20 years of science-backed healthy eating and living.
Blazing Buffalo Turkey Meatballs
If you’re a fan of Buffalo wings, you’ll love these healthier-for-you turkey meatballs rolled up with all the spicy flavors you crave!
How to Practice the Paleo Diet
Introducing TRUEPALEO™ and PaleoFLEX™: Our new meal-based guides to easy, healthy eating.
Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate Cocoa Treats
These creamy treats rely on coconut’s natural sweetness and are packed with healthy fats and antioxidants.
5 Foods That Look Like the Body Parts They Benefit
When food looks like you! Learn what foods benefit what body parts.
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