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The Paleo Diet Affects Diabetes

By The Paleo Diet Team
February 25, 2014
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Dr. Cordain,

Now aged 73, I had two heart attacks at 47. It was all downhill after that. Glaucoma, chronic lymphatic leukemia about 14 years ago. Open heart surgery 8 years ago. Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. No treatment given for the CLL. It was all downhill. I had to take early retirement at age 58.

Two things have turned my health around.

1. Discovering emu oil for internal use.
2. Converting to the Paleo Diet, over a year ago.

I am now better than I have been for many years. The constant down turn has been reversed. On my last six monthly visits to see my hematologist I was told, “You will almost certainly never require any therapy (chemo, radiation). You will die of something else. Go out and enjoy the next 20 years of your life!”

On the last visit to see the endocrinologist, for diabetes condition, two months ago, he almost took me off insulin, so well controlled were my blood sugars. I am expecting this to happen at my next visit in December. I went on to emu oil because of crippling effects of statin drugs. Emu oil has kept my cholesterol at the same levels as statin drugs, around 3, allowing me to quit statin drugs for about 4 years now.

The Paleo Diet is adding to this improvement. Virtually the only cereals I eat are some healthful grain bread. I quit the loves of my life: pasta, rice, dairy products, and now don’t miss them. I am doing light manual work around the grounds here, quite impossible for me in the past.

One final advantage, I could not lose weight under the diabetic diet. Only when I went on the Paleo Diet did I lose weight, and not feel deprived or hungry. My weight dropped 4 kilos to 66 kilos but is now 69 kilos. Quitting bread is on my aim agenda and I expect if I do quit it, the weight will again be 66 kilos.

I eat mostly chicken, grilled fish, vegetables, salad and cooked, a little tinned salmon, lots of fruit. Certainly well within the 85% rule. I think about 90 plus compliant.

I hope this is of some interest. For me it has been lifesaving.


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