Osteoporosis and Bone Fracture

Osteoporosis and Bone Fracture | The Paleo DietOsteoporosis and Bone Fracture Excerpt

Following the Paleo Diet will reduce your risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture as you age. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and various microstructural disturbances of bony architectures, which leads to a reduction in bone strength and an increase susceptibility to fracture, which, typically, occurs in the hip, spine, and wrist. Any bone can be affected, but of special concern are fractures of the hip as they can impair a person’s mobility and cause permanent disability or even death.

This disease affects an estimated 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan.4 It is predictable that 30-50% of women and 15-30% of men will suffer a fracture related to osteoporosis in their lifetime.

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