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Nell Stephenson, B.S.

Articles by Nell Stephenson, B.S.

DEET-Free Methods for Repelling Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are annoying summertime pests that can carry dangerous diseases. Luckily we can do more than spray ourselves down with DEET to repel them.
Nell’s Corner: Three Protein Myths You Might Still Believe
We know we need protein, but things get confusing once we address how much we need and where we should be sourcing this important component of our diet. Read more for answers to common myths about protein.
Nell’s Corner: Why Bone Broth is Nature’s Best Recovery Drink
Instead of turning to expensive, supplementary products to replenish lost nutrients after exercise, try nature’s recovery drink: bone broth.
Sustainable Eating for Sustainable Health
Can the same eating plan that supports the health of our planet also be the plan which supports our own health? Let us find out.
Fun Ways to Keep Fit in the Winter
Don’t let the winter compromise your health. Learn how to stay fit and keep up with our blog to learn more about the benefits of The Paleo Die®t for athletes.
What Are the Best Plant-Based Milks?
Soy milk. Almond Milk. Hemp Milk. Coconut Milk. Oat Milk. Cow’s milk is not part of the Paleo Diet, but which plant-based milk is best?
Nourishing Yourself & Baby for an Optimal Pregnancy
How to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.
How to be Sun Safe and Still Get Enough Vitamin D
The Paleo Lifestyle involve much more than the foods you eat, it’s also about quality sleep, daily movement, and getting outdoors. While over sun exposure can be harmful, spending time in the sun also increases our body’s Vitamin D - so what’s the balance?
Keeping Your Kids on Track While on Summer Vacation
Get your whole family on a healthier eating system in time for summer vacation with just a few easy tips.
Nell’s Corner: Top Five Tips to Burn Fat
Can we turn out bodies into better fat burners without pills, powders, and packaged shake mixes? We can if we change what we eat!
Can Diet Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Diagnosis of disease is often the pivotal point to make a lifestyle change. Can we be proactive and minimize risk for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with diet?
Treating Candida with The Paleo Diet
It’s estimated approximately 46,000 cases of healthcare-associated invasive candida occurs each year in the US. Here’s how to keep yeast overgrowth at bay.
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