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Public Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Request a Public Speech or Presentation From The Paleo Diet® Team

Trevor Connor, M.S. and Mark Smith, Ph.D. frequently speak to public, private, and scientific groups on The Paleo Diet concept and related topics. Typically, their presentations are 45-60 minutes in length and feature cutting-edge nutritional information and practical advice on how to eat better simply. Their collection of presentations is based on over 20 years of The Paleo Diet research and current science.

Mark Smith and Trevor Connor were Dr. Cordain’s first and last graduate students. Mark published original research with Dr Cordain on the effects of diet on rheumatoid arthritis and Trevor researched the effects of wheat consumption on autoimmune disease. Both Mark and Trevor also have extensive backgrounds in sports science and coaching professional athletes in cycling, triathlon, tennis, golf and other strength sports.

If you would like to request a speaking engagement you can reach us at

Our Team of Experts

Trevor Connor Speaking
Trevor Connor

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Mark J. Smith

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The Paleo Diet Founded by Dr. Loren CordainTM

This introductory 45 minute presentation will teach the basics of The Paleo Diet as it was originally created by the founder Dr Loren Cordain and published in his original books The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Answer. Trevor Connor, M.S. will explain the diet, including its origins, the original research that led to the concept, and why it is a diet based on science.


Real Paleo DietTM

In this follow-up 60-minute presentation, Dr. Mark J. Smith will explain how The Paleo Diet has evolved since the original book and diverged into two distinct diets: 1) a fad version of the diet, and 2) the original version of The Paleo Diet® based on decades of science. Dr. Smith will explain the differences and why it’s important to follow the scientifically based version of The Paleo Diet which is the Real Paleo Diet.


Custom Paleo Diet Topics

Above are two of our most popular presentations, but if you’d like us to discuss a different topic such as diet’s impact on inflammation, the importance of nutrient density, how to lose weight without tracking calories, or practical tips on how to shop and cook Paleo, please reach out and we can prepare the presentation your group needs.


If you would like to request a speaking engagement you can reach us at


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