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Podcast with Dr. Paul Saladino

In his last public interview before retirement, Dr. Loren Cordain, joined by Dr. Mark J. Smith and The Paleo Diet CEO Trevor Connor, debated the composition of the “real” Paleo Diet with Dr. Paul Saladino, a leading authority on the carnivore diet and author of The Carnivore Code. The entire Paleo Diet team would like to thank Dr. Saladino for having them on his podcast, The Fundamental Health Podcast.

The Paleo Diet® has always kept an open mind about what defines the optimal human diet, as long as it is backed by science. On this podcast, our discussion of salt in the human diet was lively. While we do not agree on everything, Dr. Saladino demonstrated his knowledge of the science. He also gave the team some interesting points to consider. Likewise, we hope he learned from us, too.

We specifically want to point out the work of Dr. Douglas London, which contributed heavily to the discussion. Dr. London is in Ecuador researching the diet of one of the last indigenous hunter-gatherer societies in the world: the Amazonian Kawymeno. He has found that this particular society avoids vegetables due to their high anti-nutrient content, but consume large amounts of fruit and meat. Dr. Saladino tends to disagree with any intake of plants due to their potential toxins. It is important to note though that the Amazonian Kawymeno show no evidence of chronic disease on this diet.

We loved challenging (and defending) our position on fruit, meat, and salt with Dr. Saladino and look forward to round two of this discussion!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about our stance on salt in the diet we recommend reading:

Listen to our podcast with Dr. Saladino

We hope you check out the entire podcast for yourself. In case you can’t listen to the full two-hour episode, here are a few time points to guide you:

10:16 – Start of the podcast

19:26 – Discussion of plant food in the diet

32:07 – The issue with plant-derived lectins

43:01 – Nuts and seeds in the diet

46:06 – Dr. London’s research on the Kawymeno

1:02:22 – Our shared concerns about fructose consumption in the Western diet

1:29:46 – Our debate over sodium consumption and the sodium-to-potassium ratio

1:56:16 – The Carnivore Diet

2:12:06 – The most radical thing we’ve done recently

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