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Autoimmune Gastritis Diet: Foods to Avoid
Betsy Schroeder
What is autoimmune gastritis? Plus, how The Paleo Diet can help ease symptoms.
Is Coffee Paleo? Why Coffee Is Healthy for Most People
Irene Jay
Yes, coffee is healthy for most people and can be part of a Paleo diet. But those sensitive to caffeine should avoid coffee. Here's how to tell if coffee is healthy for you.
How to Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day
Emily Rumsey
Does planning Valentine’s Day with your partner cause you stress? Try these 3 ideas to create the perfect Paleo Valentine’s Day.
Why Staying Paleo Can Help Beat Holiday Stress
The Paleo Diet Team
Here’s why sticking to The Paleo Diet® can help keep you afloat when you feel like you’re drowning in holiday stress.
How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism
Aimee McNew
Here’s how to tell if you have hypothyroidism, and what to do about it.
Looking to Lose Weight? Look for Foods with High Thermic Effect
Bill Manci
If you’re looking to lose weight, consider foods with high thermic effect because they raise metabolism and burn more calories.
A Carb Cycling Plan for Paleo Eaters
Betsy Schroeder
While we don't support a long-term keto diet, our Paleo carb cycling plan can help optimize weight loss and metabolic flexibility.
Zero Waste Seem Impossible? Try These 8 Achievable Low Waste Tips
Courtney Hamilton
Intrigued by the idea of zero waste, but don’t know where to begin? Start slow and adopt these simple tips and ideas for reducing how much you throw away.
The 10 Best Natural Electrolyte Drinks for Everyday Hydration
Betsy Schroeder
It’s important to get enough fluids every day, but sometimes water alone won’t cut it. Here are the best Paleo-approved, mineral-rich drinks your body can use for adequate hydration.
How to Support Your Mental Health During a Weight-Loss Journey
Emily Rumsey
Before you set a weight-loss goal, take the time to plan a self-care system for your weight-loss journey.
Grow Your Own Food with These 5 Home Garden Tips
Courtney Hamilton
Growing your own herbs and veggies not only benefits your health, it helps the environment, too. Here’s how to maximize a small outdoor garden to yield an impressive harvest.
Want to Optimize Your Health? Get Better Sleep.
Aimee McNew
Here’s what happens when you don’t get enough rest, and tips to start prioritizing a full night’s sleep.
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