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What Is Oral Allergy Syndrome?
Isabella Mead
Do your lips, mouth, or throat itch when you eat raw fruits and vegetables? If so, you might have Oral Allergy Syndrome.
How to Protect Yourself Against Indoor Air Pollution
Hannah Richards
Poor indoor air quality can adversely affect our health; here’s what to do about it.
Why The Paleo Diet Has High Nutrient Density
Trevor Connor, M.S.
The Paleo Diet has been accused of causing nutritional deficiencies, but in reality it is one of the most nutrient-dense diets you can eat.
Hydration for Athletes: Should Athletes Drink When Thirsty or On a Schedule?
Marc Bubbs ND, MSc, CISSN, CSCS
Hydration is divided into two main camps: pre-hydrating versus drinking when thirsty. Which hydration guidelines are best suited to your Paleo lifestyle?
Healthy Camp Cooking Tips for Paleo Campers
Jane Dizon
Camping is an awesome way to reset your body clock, get time away from screens, and seek better sleep. By planning ahead, you can enjoy healthy camp cooking, too.
Are You Getting Enough Electrolytes When Training?
Ashley DeKam, N.D., C.H.S.
The key to hydration - electrolytes!
How to Heal Leaky Gut with a Diet of Paleo Foods
Isabella Mead
Heal leaky gut by eating the right foods for gut health.
Beat the Afternoon Slump for Good
Isabella Mead
Tired in the afternoon? Defeat the afternoon energy slump by understanding why it occurs.
The Folate Cycle: One Reason an Omnivore Diet is Healthiest
Irene Jay
We need both meat and veggies to thrive.
The Ultimate Benefits of Going Paleo
Jane Dizon
There are lots of reasons to go Paleo, but these are our favorites.
5 Tips for Trying the Paleo Diet on a Budget
Isabella Mead
You can go Paleo and stay within your grocery budget with our tips and tricks.
Stomach Upset? Try This Gentle Paleo BRAT Diet Alternative
Betsy Schroeder
The BRAT diet isn't recommended anymore. Here's why, and what to do for an upset stomach instead.
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