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Is It Paleo?

Is Vinegar Paleo?
Megan Patiry
If you choose your vinegar wisely and consume it in moderation, vinegar can be a part of your Paleo Diet.
Are Nut Butters and Seed Butters Paleo?
Irene Jay
In pure form, your favorite nut and seed butters are part of The Paleo Diet—but only in moderation.
10 Surprising Foods That Aren’t Paleo
Megan Patiry
Health bloggers everywhere have taken the Paleo trend and run with it. Here’s what they consistently get wrong about some foods.
Are Ancient Grains Gluten Free and Healthy?
Bill Manci
So-called "ancient grains" are still very new to the human diet. Only a few ancient grains are gluten free. None are healthy to eat often.
Stevia, Monkfruit, Maple Syrup, and Honey: Are Natural Sweeteners Paleo?
Megan Patiry
Raw honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and stevia are all considered natural sweeteners, but being "natural” doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. See which natural sugars can fit into a healthy Paleo Diet.
How to Tell If You Have a Nightshade Sensitivity
Megan Patiry
Nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes contain specific compounds that can affect gut health. Know the symptoms of nightshade sensitivity and see how to prep these foods to avoid a reaction.
Three Protein Myths You Might Still Believe
Nell Stephenson, B.S.
We know we need protein, but things get confusing once we address how much we need and where we should be sourcing this important component of our diet. Read more for answers to common myths about protein.
What Science Really Says About Eggs and Heart Disease
Aimee McNew
What does the research say about eggs? If you are not allergic to eggs, the general consensus is that they’re a great Paleo food.
Why Bone Broth Is Nature’s Best Recovery Drink
Nell Stephenson, B.S.
Instead of turning to expensive, supplementary products to replenish lost nutrients after exercise, try nature’s recovery drink: bone broth.
Is Kimchi Paleo?
Lauren Fellows
Kimchi is high in nutrient density and healthy probiotics, but it's also high in salt. So what's the best way to enjoy it?
Four Easy Ways to Replace Potatoes
Stephanie Vuolo
Following The Paleo Diet doesn’t mean missing out on comfort foods. Try these potato substitutes with healthy ingredients for a tasty Paleo twist.
Are Dates Paleo?
The Paleo Diet Team
Medjool dates are a great Paleo snack to get you through the day while satisfying your sweet tooth. Learn all about their many benefits in this article.
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