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Basic Guidelines

The Best (and Worst) Foods for Digestive Health
M.S. and Trevor Connor, M.S.
Eating grains can lead to leaky gut. Here’s why, and the best foods to eat to repair your digestive barrier.
What Can You Eat on The Paleo Diet?
The Paleo Diet Team
See our simple guide to what you can eat on The Paleo Diet and what foods to avoid.
How to Practice the Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet Team
Dr. Mark J. Smith, Chief Science Officer of The Paleo Diet, shares new guides for how to practice The Paleo Diet and customize it for you.
How to Bake on The Paleo Diet
Irene Jay
Here’s how to make those occasional treats without grains, dairy, and sugar.
How to Start Eating Healthy: Our 85/15 Guide to Natural, Healthy Eating
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
Need more wiggle room in your diet? Try this categorized approach to dieting that will get you results while allowing you to enjoy your favorite off-limit foods.
Explaining The Paleo Diet 85/15 Principle
Aimee McNew
Make your diet sustainable with the 85/15 rule: 85 percent of your calories should be from Paleo foods while 15 percent can be from non-Paleo foods that you enjoy!
How to Be Paleo When You Can’t Eat Eggs
Aimee McNew
It’s hard to beat the nutritional powerhouse of eggs, but they’re not for everyone.
What Science Really Says About Eggs and Heart Disease
Aimee McNew
What does the research say about eggs? If you are not allergic to eggs, the general consensus is that they’re a great Paleo food.
A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens for Eggs
Chris Lesley
Backyard chickens can offer a steady, affordable supply of fresh eggs. See what it takes to keep chickens happy and productive at your own suburban homestead.
Ten Questions about The Paleo Diet with Dr Loren Cordain
Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
Read a transcript of Dr. Cordain’s recent interview in which he answers 10 questions about the history and the basics of the Paleo Diet.
How to Stay Paleo When Traveling by Plane
The Paleo Diet Team
Airports are full of unhealthy meal options ranging from fast food and donuts to salads with dairy-based dressings. Here are some tips to make it healthier.
Are Dates Paleo?
The Paleo Diet Team
Medjool dates are a great Paleo snack to get you through the day while satisfying your sweet tooth. Learn all about their many benefits in this article.
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