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Background on The Paleo Diet

How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Following The Paleo Diet
The Paleo Diet Team
See ways to reduce the environmental impact of following The Paleo Diet.
How Evolution Shaped the Human Diet
Trevor Connor, M.S.
Our modern diet of processed foods clashes with our genes. Here’s how to return to a diet that will help you thrive instead.
Why The Paleo Diet Ignores the Ratios of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat
Trevor Connor, M.S.
The focus of the Paleo Diet is not on finding an ideal macronutrient ratio, but on eating the foods we evolved to eat and avoiding anything processed.
Why The Paleo Diet Doesn’t Focus on Macronutrients
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
We are individuals with different dietary needs and seasonal availability. So why try to stick to a set macronutrient profile that has previously never existed, when variability is a part of life?
How to Start Eating Healthy: Our 85/15 Guide to Natural, Healthy Eating
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
Need more wiggle room in your diet? Try this categorized approach to dieting that will get you results while allowing you to enjoy your favorite off-limit foods.
Is The Paleo Diet Meat or Plant-Based?
The Paleo Diet Team
A common misconception about The Paleo Diet is that it is a meat-based diet. However, there is difference between calorie and volume - and by volume Paleo is plant-based.
I Tried The Paleo Diet® for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened
Dave Trendler
My family and I tried The Paleo Diet for 30 days. See how we transitioned, some of our challenges, and our biggest wins! Then take the challenge for yourself!
I Tried The Paleo Diet for Seven Days. Here’s What Happened.
Emily Rumsey
I decided to go Paleo, cold turkey, for seven days. Even after a short time I felt many of the diet’s benefits like weight loss and improved sleep. I challenge anyone looking to jump start their healthy life to try it too!
Paleo: The Diet You Can Actually Stick With
Aimee McNew
If you’re looking to improve your health and feel your best, choose Paleo. The Paleo Diet is a sustainable approach to food and life that doesn’t restrict calories like normal fads but still helps you lose weight, feel more energetic, and reduce your risk of chronic disease.
Explaining The Paleo Diet 85/15 Principle
Aimee McNew
Make your diet sustainable with the 85/15 rule: 85 percent of your calories should be from Paleo foods while 15 percent can be from non-Paleo foods that you enjoy!
The Exercise Habits of Hunter-Gatherers
Emily Rumsey
Learn about the history of exercise in our hunter-gatherer ancestors and how to mimic their activities today for optimal health.
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