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Articles by Stephanie Vuolo

Four Easy Ways to Replace Potatoes
Stephanie Vuolo
Following The Paleo Diet doesn’t mean missing out on comfort foods. Try these potato substitutes with healthy ingredients for a tasty Paleo twist.
Speeding Up Your Metabolism
Stephanie Vuolo
Whether your metabolism is fast or slow, you can make vital improvements through a targeted fitness program and a Paleo diet for optimal performance.
Is Hemp Paleo?
Stephanie Vuolo
Protein accounted for 19–35% of hunter-gatherer’s energy intake. Is hemp’s amino acid profile comparable to other Paleo Diet protein sources?
Which Cooking Oils Are Healthiest and Paleo?
Stephanie Vuolo
Selecting the best oils for cooking requires knowing which are the healthiest cooking oils for each specific use: high heat, medium heat, or dressing.
Natural Movement Workouts: Hang Time
Stephanie Vuolo
Exercise today neglects to include many natural movement patterns, like hanging or brachiating (swinging from rung to rung on an overhead ladder or bar).
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