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The Folate Cycle: One Reason an Omnivore Diet is Healthiest
We need both meat and veggies to thrive.
How The Paleo Diet Can Support Breastfeeding Mothers
Eating enough omega-3 fatty acids and prioritizing stress relief are key factors for successful breastfeeding.
Is Coffee Paleo? Why Coffee Is Healthy for Most People
Yes, coffee is healthy for most people and can be part of a Paleo diet. But those sensitive to caffeine should avoid coffee. Here's how to tell if coffee is healthy for you.
How to Bake on The Paleo Diet
Here’s how to make those occasional treats without grains, dairy, and sugar.
Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy?
Common health problems of avoiding animal proteins and how to transition back.
Is Tapioca Healthy? Why Arrowroot Is Paleo and Tapioca Is Not
Is tapioca healthy? No, because it's made from cassava, which contains antinutrients. Use arrowroot as a healthy, Paleo substitute.
Is Butter Paleo?
We explore the many reasons why butter is not Paleo, including related products like ghee, and also address the potential health outcomes of eating butter.
Are Collagen Peptides Paleo?
Collagen peptides are all the rage in the supplement world, but do you even need them? And are they Paleo-approved?
Is Sweet Corn Paleo?
Regardless of how the food industry may label it, sweet corn isn’t a vegetable—it’s a grain. Here’s how corn can harm your health, even when it’s fresh off the cob.
Are Nut Butters and Seed Butters Paleo?
In pure form, your favorite nut and seed butters are part of The Paleo Diet—but only in moderation.
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