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Author: The Paleo Diet Team

Health and Wellness in a Paleo Lifestyle
The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle based on principles of health and wellness.
The Hydration Debate Gets Heated
Hydration is divided into two main camps: pre-hydrating versus drinking when thirsty. Which hydration guidelines are best suited to your Paleo lifestyle?
Why You Should Eat Your Vegetables
A Paleo Diet promotes eating lots of vegetables, which are rich in nutrients and contribute to better health overall.
Tips for Paleo Campers
We love camping here at The Paleo Diet, but it can be tempting to bring unhealthy foods. Learn how to maintain a Paleo-friendly lifestyle during your next camping trip.
DEET-Free Methods for Repelling Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are annoying summertime pests that can carry dangerous diseases. Luckily we can do more than spray ourselves down with DEET to repel them.
What Is Celtic Salt? See Why Celtic Sea Salt (Sel Gris) Is Unhealthy
Celtic salt, or Sel gris, is a form of sea salt harvested in France that contains minerals from clay soil. But it's still basically sodium and therefore unhealthy.
What Can You Eat on The Paleo Diet?
See our simple guide to what you can eat on The Paleo Diet and what foods to avoid.
4 Reasons You Should Be Eating Animal Proteins
Make sure you are including the right protein in your diet!
The Importance of Topical Vitamin C for Skin Health
Find out what vitamin C can do for your skin health!
How to Heal Leaky Gut with a Diet of Paleo Foods
Heal leaky gut by eating the right foods for gut health.
The Paleo Diet® is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Chronic inflammation is at the heart of most chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disease, heart disease, and cancer. Here’s how The Paleo Diet can stop chronic inflammation, minimizing your risk of these problems.
Beat the Afternoon Slump for Good
Tired in the afternoon? Defeat the afternoon energy slump by understanding why it occurs.
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