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Vegetarianism & Veganism

While some choose to go vegan or vegetarian for religious or ethical reasons, the truth is that veganism just isn’t the healthiest option for humans. Even when taking supplements, you’ll likely become deficient in many important vitamins and nutrients, like iron, omega-3s, B-vitamins, calcium, and more, that your body needs and receives from meat, eggs, and fish. While The Paleo Diet® allows for as many fruits and veggies as your body desires, we still recommend eating enough animal protein to meet your body’s important nutritional needs.
A woman preps a vegetarian meal in the kitchen
Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy?
Common health problems of avoiding animal proteins and how to transition back into eating meat, eggs, and fish.
Six artichokes side-by-side from above.
The Best Plant-Based Proteins (That Are Also Paleo)
Interested in eating both vegetarian and Paleo? Here’s everything you need to know about plant-based proteins.
Protein bowl with egg, pickled ginger, mushrooms, bacon, and green onions
Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein: What’s The Difference?
Are plant-based proteins just as good as animal proteins? No, in the debate of plant protein vs animal protein, the science clearly shows that animal proteins are healthier and better sources of protein for several important reasons.
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