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Power Greens Salad
The Paleo Diet Team
Upgrade your salad game with a protein-packed Power Greens Salad. It’s loaded with healthy fats, powerful antioxidants, and topped with a sweet vinaigrette.
Banana Boats
Isabella Mead
A healthier-for-you version of a banana spilt. 
Peach Salad Power Bowl
Jess Case
Elevate your plate with this refreshing Peach Salad Power Bowl with blueberries. This recipe is ideal with perfectly ripened peaches.
Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups
Andrea Dehnke
A no-sugar-added spin on a classic snack! Make fruit leather with our homemade Fruit Roll-Ups recipe.
Pickled Strawberries
Jess Case
These pickled strawberries pair great in salads or Paleo ice cream!
Double Berry Mocktail
Jess Case
A refreshing mocktail the whole family can enjoy!
Ultimate Antioxidant Paleo Breakfast Bowl
Jess Case
This Paleo breakfast bowl is filled with six antioxidant-rich ingredients.
Cranberry Salsa
Jess Case
Tired of the obligatory can of cranberry sauce each year? Swap it out for this bright and zesty cranberry salsa!
Cherry Berry Medley
The Paleo Diet Team
Toss berries in a simple vanilla-cinnamon dressing and top with coconut whipped cream for a summery delight!
Paleo-Friendly Summer Meals
The Paleo Diet Team
Summer is a great time to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. In this post we’ve created several recipes that will do the trick!
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