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Meal Planning and Prepping

Squash Cooking Guide
Jess Case
There are as many types of squashes as there are ways to cook them. Our guide explains which varieties are best for what dishes, with recipes to get you started.
Apple Cooking Guide
Jess Case
Learn the differences between several common varieties of apples and how to use them in your cooking.
Breakfast Meal Prepping
Isabella Mead
Don’t skip out on breakfast! To make your mornings easier, we have a sample breakfast meal prep for one whole week.
How to Choose, Store, and Let Go of Spices
Griffin McMath, ND, EDAC
Eating healthy doesn’t mean your food needs to be bland, and adding the right types of seasoning can also add a variety of health benefits to your meals.
Microgreens: Big Nutrition in a Small Package
Maureen Farrar
These greens may be tiny, but from a nutritional standpoint, they’re mighty.
How to Bake on The Paleo Diet
Irene Jay
Here’s how to make those occasional treats without grains, dairy, and sugar.
How to Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day
Emily Rumsey
Does planning Valentine’s Day with your partner cause you stress? Try these 3 ideas to create the perfect Paleo Valentine’s Day.
Top 10 Recipes of 2021
Lauren Fellows
The top picks for 2021 are in, and we're pretty sure you'll want to make them all next year, too!
What to Eat This Week: October, Week 4
Aimee McNew
Let us help you eat for long-term success!
What to Eat This Week: October, Week 3
Aimee McNew
Maximize your heart health with this week’s meal plan!
What to Eat This Week: October, Week 2
Aimee McNew
This week, track your food intake based on food quality instead of calories with nutrient-dense Paleo foods.
What to Eat This Week: October, Week 1
Aimee McNew
This week, eat for cellular health.
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