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Grocery Shopping

To Improve Your Diet Quality, Consider Your Fridge and Pantry
Ryan Kohler
A nutritionist shows how to use a gap analysis to evaluate your current food environment and make a nutrition plan to improve your diet quality.
Healthy Paleo Foods that Satisfy Cravings
Megan Patiry
You can still satisfy cravings without sacrificing healthy choices.
The Benefits of Joining a CSA (And How to Find One)
The Paleo Diet Team
It can be a challenge to find inexpensive, locally grown produce and meat that’s Paleo. Community Supported Agriculture may be the solution.
Should I Choose Wild or Farmed Fish?
Bill Manci
Should we pick farm-raised or wild-caught fish? It seems like an easy Paleo choice, but is it? The answer in terms of sustainability and health may surprise
How to Shop for Fresh Seafood
The Paleo Diet Team
With these simple strategies for shopping for fish not only will you ensure you secure the tastiest morsels of fish, but as well, that they are filled with the most nutrients possible for a healthy life and diet.
How to Freeze Meat, Fish, And Produce
Nell Stephenson, B.S.
Freezing meats, fish, and produce can be a healthy, handy part of your weekly Paleo regime, not to mention a huge savings in time, labor and cost.
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