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Paleo vs. Other Protocols

The DASH Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Is Better for Hypertension? 
Betsy Schroeder
Both DASH and Paleo are proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but which diet is better for overall health?
The Mediterranean Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Should You Follow?
Betsy Schroeder
The Mediterranean Diet is one of the better-known diets for improved health. But which is better in the long run?
The Carnivore Diet vs. The Paleo Diet
Maureen Farrar
At first glance, the carnivore diet seems congruent with The Paleo Diet, but there are marked differences between the two.
Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein: What’s The Difference?
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
Are plant-based proteins just as good as animal proteins? No, in the debate of plant protein vs animal protein, the science clearly shows that animal proteins are healthier and better sources of protein for several important reasons.
Paleo vs. Keto: What’s the Difference?
Lauren Fellows
The Paleo Diet® and the keto diet are both popular ways to lose weight, but there’s a lot of confusion about what differentiates the two.
Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy?
Irene Jay
Common health problems of avoiding animal proteins and how to transition back into eating meat, eggs, and fish.
A Carb Cycling Plan for Paleo Eaters
Betsy Schroeder
While we don't support a long-term keto diet, our Paleo carb cycling plan can help optimize weight loss and metabolic flexibility.
What to Eat During Intermittent Fasting
Megan Patiry
The foods you eat during intermittent fasting can make a big difference in your hunger levels and the benefits you see from IF. See ways to start intermittent fasting that make it easier.
Is The Paleo Diet Meat or Plant-Based?
The Paleo Diet Team
A common misconception about The Paleo Diet is that it is a meat-based diet. However, there is difference between calorie and volume - and by volume Paleo is plant-based.
What Does “Plant-Based” Really Mean?
Betsy Schroeder
There are several definitions for the plant-based diet trend. We explore what they are, and how The Paleo Diet can fit into this plan.
Whole30 vs. Paleo: Comparing the Science
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
How does the Whole30® diet compare from a science perspective to The Paleo Diet®? From our research, it closely resembles Paleolithic nutrition.
How the South Beach Diet Compares to Keto (And Why Paleo Is Still Best)
Aimee McNew
Do a lot of low-carb, high fat diets seem similar to you? See the major differences between The Paleo Diet, the South Beach Diet and the keto diet.
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