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The DASH Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Is Better for Hypertension? 
Betsy Schroeder
Both DASH and Paleo are proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but which diet is better for overall health?
Foods That Increase Libido  
Andrea Dehnke and Betsy Schroeder
Whether you’re looking for the best foods that increase libido tonight or hoping to increase your sex drive over the long term, we have some science-backed foods that may help get things going in the bedroom.
The Mediterranean Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Should You Follow?
Betsy Schroeder
The Mediterranean Diet is one of the better-known diets for improved health. But which is better in the long run?
Most Canned Sardines Are Bad for You. Here’s How to Choose Healthy Canned Sardines.
Betsy Schroeder
Which is healthier for you, canned or fresh sardines? Here's what to look for.
Stomach Upset? Try This Gentle Paleo BRAT Diet Alternative
Betsy Schroeder
The BRAT diet isn't recommended anymore. Here's why, and what to do for an upset stomach instead.
3 Micronutrient Ratios to Keep in Balance
Betsy Schroeder
A typical Western diet puts people way off on these delicate micronutrient ratios.
Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy? Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes
Betsy Schroeder
Sweet potatoes are healthy for most people and offer a wide range of health benefits because of their vitamin, fiber, and antioxidant content.
Autoimmune Gastritis Diet: Foods to Avoid
Betsy Schroeder
What is autoimmune gastritis? Plus, how The Paleo Diet can help ease symptoms.
A Carb Cycling Plan for Paleo Eaters
Betsy Schroeder
While we don't support a long-term keto diet, our Paleo carb cycling plan can help optimize weight loss and metabolic flexibility.
The 10 Best Natural Electrolyte Drinks for Everyday Hydration
Betsy Schroeder
It’s important to get enough fluids every day, but sometimes water alone won’t cut it. Here are the best Paleo-approved, mineral-rich drinks your body can use for adequate hydration.
What Does “Plant-Based” Really Mean?
Betsy Schroeder
There are several definitions for the plant-based diet trend. We explore what they are, and how The Paleo Diet can fit into this plan.
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