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Betsy Schroeder

The DASH Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Is Better for Hypertension? 
Betsy Schroeder
Both DASH and Paleo are proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but which diet is better for overall health?
Diet and Sex Drive: Foods to Increase Libido  
Andrea Dehnke and Betsy Schroeder
Whether you’re looking for the best aphrodisiac foods or hoping to increase your sex drive over the long term, we have some science-backed foods that may help get things going in the bedroom.
Winter Simmer Pot Recipe
Isabella Mead
Candles are out, and simmer pots are IN! Check out this Paleo-friendly winter simmer pot recipe along with other great simmer pot tips.
The Mediterranean Diet vs. The Paleo Diet: Which Should You Follow?
Betsy Schroeder
The Mediterranean Diet is one of the better-known diets for improved health. But which is better in the long run?
The Best (and Worst) Foods for Digestive Health
M.S. and Trevor Connor, M.S.
Eating grains can lead to leaky gut. Here’s why, and the best foods to eat to repair your digestive barrier.
Avoiding and Addressing Chronic Illness with The Paleo Diet
Trevor Connor, M.S.
A poor diet is a known contributor to many chronic illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disease, and heart disease.
Feast of the Seven Fishes
Andrea Dehnke and Isabella Mead
Try the Feast of the Seven Fishes this Christmas Eve with our Paleo menu.
How The Paleo Diet Promotes Healthy Skin
Isabella Mead
You could rid yourself of acne and find glowing skin with The Paleo Diet!
The Connection Between Diet and Autoimmune Disease
Trevor Connor, M.S.
Grains and nightshades contain lectins, which can cause inflammation and can lead to autoimmune diseases.
Supporting Sustainable Agriculture with a Paleo Diet
Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.
It is possible to eat a mix of plant and animal foods while supporting sustainable agriculture. Here’s how.
Protect Yourself Against Indoor Air Pollution
Hannah Richards
Poor indoor air quality can adversely affect our health; here’s what to do about it.
Squash Cooking Guide
Jess Case
There are as many types of squashes as there are ways to cook them. Our guide explains which varieties are best for what dishes, with recipes to get you started.
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