Tomatoes, Vaccines, and Autoimmune Disease

Tomatoes, Vaccines, and Autoimmune DiseaseTomatoes, Vaccines, and Autoimmune Disease Excerpt

After cardiovascular disease and cancer, autoimmune diseases are the most common class of illnesses in the U.S., afflicting between 14.7 to 23.5 million people or 5 to 8 % of the entire population.1 By far, the burden of these diseases disproportionately involves women, who sustain 78.8 % of all cases of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases develop when the body’s immune system loses the ability to distinguish between what is “self” and what is “non-self” and attacks healthy tissues and organs as if they were a foreign invader. Approximately 30% of the risk for developing an autoimmune disease is attributed to your genes, but far and away, environmental factors are much more important in determining who ultimately winds up with a full blown autoimmune disease and who doesn’t. Read more…


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